Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lilac Flower Recipes

We have had such a difficult winter and spring, both of my husband Terry's parents passed away.His dad on Jan. 29 and his mother on April 19th. The stress of this has made it difficult to concentrate on our herbal work. So here is my first blog in an effort to honor their love of this season.
We have been blessed by the wonder and beauty of
Spring, it gives each of us a reminder that life goes on and we need to celebrate each day that we have here on this glorious earth.
In honor of Mother's day and Spring we want to share some wonderful Lilac recipes that you will need to make in the next few days, so go out seize the moment and cut the lilacs!

Lilac Sugar
Flower sugars are an easy way to transform plain sugar into a pleasing, fragrant addition to cakes, cookies, custards, whipping cream and all sorts of sweets.To prepare scented sugar, use a clean pint jar with a tight-fitting lid. Fill the jar about one-third full with sugar; scatter a small handful of lilacs (already unstemmed and bug free) or other flowers. Cover the flowers with sugar so that the jar is two-thirds full, add another small handful of flowers and cover with sugar to fill the jar, leaving about 1/2 inch head space. Put on the lid, shake the jar, and place it on a shelf in a cool, dark place. The sugar will be ready to use in 2-3 weeks, but will become more flavorful with age. As you use the sugar, add more to take its place; it will take on the fragrance in the jar.

Lilac Jelly

4 cups lilac flowers
2 cups boiling water
steep flowers, by covering and
allowing to sit for 24 hours
For each 2 cups of liquid add
juice of one lemon,
1 pkg pectin
add 1 cup sugar
allow to boil for 5 minutes
place in small jars and refrigerate
This can also be used for violets
sweet peas
& lavender

Lilac Syrup
You also can make lilac syrup to use on pancakes or sip when you need a breath of spring,
Make a simple syrup with one cup of sugar and one cup of spring water,heat until the sugar is dissolved,add one cup of lilac flowers and a few blueberries for color. Cook on low for 15 minutes, drain through a sieve and store in a jar for two weeks in the refrigerator. You can store it in the freezer in plastic containers for use next winter. To can it I add the juice of 1 lemon and can in 1/2 pint jars - follow all canning instructions on the pectin package.

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