Monday, December 17, 2007

Herbal Beginings

I always have a lot of questions about the world around us. This natural curiosity led me into the herbal world. Did you ever ask the question "How did they ever come up with the idea to use an herb a certain way?" I am aways amazed as I study the herbal world to find out many of the histories behind herbal remedies. Through this blog I hope to give you some of the insights I have gained along the way.
I am an herbalist and an herbal product creator. I enjoy the creative part of the business. Most of the products I create have been made for me or my family members. Only the ones that have been tested and proven to work end up on my website @
I have had hundreds of happy customers and students along the way. I hope to share some fun herbal living ideas with you.
My herbal journey began one day when I bit into an apple and broke out into hives that lasted six months. It was very stressful not knowing when my hives would flare up. It made my life miserable.My Doctor, who is from an apple farming family told me that the sprays on the trees had been changed to a sulfate based chemical and that they were causing the hives. He suggested that I try to eliminate sulfates from my diet and switch to natural soaps. So I decided to make my own soaps. That was seven years ago. Along the way I began studying herbs and their remedies. My first salve I made was Winter Salve, I created it for my dad's cracked heels. It worked so well that I began selling it. I sold out of it at the first craft show I took it to. The next show I made twice as much and had many of the same people show up to buy it for their friends. Here in Central New York State we have some of the most rotten weather on the planet, so people here really need a product that protects their skin from all of the damage Mother Nature can inflict. So if you have not tried this product we hope you will. We offer free shipping inside the Continental U.S.. Tomorrow I will post a few recipes using one of my favorite herbs, Ginger.

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