Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cracked Winter Skin

This time of the year the cold weather is so rough on our skin and now even our friends in Florida can benefit from using our wonderful Winter Salve - if you have never tried it now is the time! What is a salve? It is the base of thickened oils that all organic skin creams are made from, to turn salve into cream you need to add alcohol. So avoid the drying effect of alcohol and try a salve.
We make our salves from our own Adirondack herbs such a peppermint,plantain and comfrey that help treat the cracks .The herbs are infused in organic olive oils, thickened with pure raw bees wax and organic essential oils that are anti fungal, anti bacterial and vaporizing.
Thousands of happy customers in Central New York use this product and believe us - we know how to treat winter skin! Try a large jar of our Winter Salve and will will also send you a free lemon balm lip treatment made with the amazing lemon balm herb that helps prevent the out break of cold sores and chapped lips! If you have never tried our Winter Salve, click on the free sample and just pay the shipping we will send you a sample to try.
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